Scheme of Arrangement
    Illustration_Share Entiltlement of HBEDL
    Intimation of Record Date
    Letter BSE-Scheme of Arrangement sanctioned by Hon'ble NCLT.
    Newspaper Advertisement dated June 05, 2017 (Notice of Petition).
    Proceedings of CCM
    Voting Result of Court Convened Meeting of Equity Shareholders held on 10th December, 2016
    Newspaper advertisement dated 13th December, 2016- Result of Postal Ballot & E-voting.
    Results Postal Ballots_Scheme
    BSE Newspaper Ad Intimation 09.11.2016
    Court Convened Meeting Equity Shareholders
    Notice Court Convened Meeting Unsecured Creditors
    Postal Ballot Form E-voting Scheme
    Postal Ballot Notice Scheme
    Proxy Form and Attendance Slip
    BSE Observation Letter
    Auditors Certificate
    Application to BSE - Reg 37
    Scheme of arrangement
    Valuation report
    Audit committee report
    Fairness opinion
    Shareholding pattern pre & post
    Compliance report on corporate governance
    Compliance report
    Complaint Report Scheme
    Additional Info submitted to BSE